Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer Ensnares Anthony Mackie & Miley Cyrus

Black Mirror has consistently captured the attention of audiences everywhere with its truthful exploration of how people and society are affected by various uses of technology. Everything from the power of social media to the terrifying accessibility of private information is explored. The first two seasons aired on Channel 4 in the UK before the show was purchased by Netflix, and now the streaming giant has released a trailer for Season 5.

The roughly two-minute long trailer teases the various devices and anxiety-inducing moments Black Mirror Season 5 has in store, beginning with a reminder of what it’s all about: the widespread use of technology and its consequences. Phones buzz, guns rattle and click and we see people watching life-and-death situations through phone cameras. Then, the trailer introduces Anthony Mackie and Miley Cyrus, hinting their presumably separate stories will both involve social media and virtual friends. Topher Grace and Sherlock star Andrew Scott also join the cast in the upcoming season, with general frustration evidently being the theme of their stories.

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The trailer suggests Season 5 will be comprised of just three episodes — much like the first two seasons — all of which carry with them a guarantee that viewers will not look at technology without at least a little fear of the horrors it can lead to.

The last episode released on Netflix was the ambitious attempt at involving the viewer. The interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch episode received generally positive reviews for its scope and ability to capture what the show has always been about. Prior to that, fans and critics complained the show had been losing its spirit and Black Mirror Season 4, which featured six episodes, saw a mixed critical reception, despite what many agreed were interesting ideas.

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Black Mirror will return on Netflix on June 5. Season 5 will contain three episodes and star Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace and Andrew Scott in currently unspecified roles.

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