How Do Suns of Other Colors Affect Superman?

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Reader John wrote in in reference to my recent column about when we first learned that Superman gained his powers from Earth’s yellow sun, “Hey I just read your article today about First Time we learn Sup’s powers came from the yellow sun.

Stars can have many different colors depending on temperature and age of the star.

Has there been any exploration of other star’s like white stars, blue, or purple and their affect on Superman? Or have comics just explored yellow and red and kept it simple, while at the same time introducing different colored kryptonite.”

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Excellent question, John!

Okay, obviously, we know that he rocks a yellow sun big time…

We also know that red suns rob him of his powers, like we discovered in the classic “Under a Red Sun” from Action Comics #300 (by Edmond Hamilton and Al Plastino)…

How about other color suns, though?

In Action Comics #289, in the classic Supergirl story by Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney where Supergirl decides to play matchmaker for Superman, she comes up with the idea of finding Superman an adult version…of herself! Yep, that’s not disturbing at all!

Anyhow, she discovers an adult version of Supergirl on a planet with an orange sun. It has no effect on Superman, but tragically, Luma Lynai cannot travel to Earth’s sun because of the limits of her powers…

In Superman #155 (by Bill Finger, Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye), Superman is pleased that he lands on an alien planet with a yellow sun…

However, his tune changes when the villainous leader of the planet puts a giant filter over the sun, turning it green! It robs Superman of his powers for some reason!

Most recently, in a storyline in Action Comics #855 (by Geoff Johns, Richard Donner and Eric Powell), Superman discovers that Bizarro’s Hrtae orbits a blue sun and that the blue sun gives Superman EXTRA powers!

I’m afraid that I haven’t seen Superman deal with a purple or white star, John!

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