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Marvel Comics’ Major X may have completed its miniseries with the release of issue #6, but a special zero issue plans to continue the saga with the reveal of a new X-Men team from the future.

Major X creator Rob Liefeld shared artwork from issue #0 on social media, revealing a team of X-Men calling themselves X-Command. The five mutants are all wearing helmets similar to the one worn by Major X, with their costumes alternating between different color combinations.

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“The ranks of X-COMMAND revealed in the pages of Major X #0! Do I actually take any of their helmet’s off??” Liefeld wrote on an Instagram post unveiling X-Command. “The world of Major X expands as the mythology and legacy is explored. Can’t wait to share it with you all! #marvel #majorX#cable #deadpool #robliefeld”

Liefeld would go on to say in a separate Instagram post that Major X #0 will include sections dedicated to a sketchbook of his designs, along with an interview, taking readers deeper into the mythology behind the new X-Men character.

“MAJOR X #0 expands the saga in a big way,” he said. “X-COMMAND and it’s members are introduced here! Huge sketchbook section and interview to boot! 4 covers! Inform your retailer! #robliefeld #majorX#cable #deadpool #marvel colors by @evergreenfajardo”

It remains to be seen if the members of X-Command are descendants of current X-Men. The Major X miniseries revealed his parents to be Cable and Storm.

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Major X #0 goes on sale Aug. 7.

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