That Time Betty Kissed Veronica and Midge As Part of a Plot to Kiss Archie

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Today, based on a suggestion from reader Dan Q., we take a look at one of Betty Cooper’s oddest schemes to get Archie to kiss her.

In the excellent Archie vs. Predator II, by Alex de Campi, Robert Hack, Kelly Fitzpatrick and Jack Morelli (which I recently wrote about to express how much I’ve enjoyed the series), the Betty and Veronica from the alternate reality where the Predators have killed pretty much everyone else in Riverdale (even Archie, although they then merged Archie with the Predator to become a sort of good version of Predator with Archie’s face but the Predator’s powers) have grown extremely close to each other. Close enough that they’ve become romantically involved….

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(Hilariously, de Campi preceded that scene with a note to remind people that these are not the “Canon” Betty and Veronica)

Oddly enough, though, this is not the first time that Betty and Veronica have kissed in the comics. The earlier version is somehow a lot stranger than Archie vs. Predator, and since Archie vs. Predator is, well, you know, Archie vs. Predator, that’s saying a whole lot!

1963’s Archie #143 has the “The Kisser Strikes!” by Frank Doyle, Harry Lucey and Terry Szenics.

In it, Veronica is leaving her house when a masked person kisses her…

She runs into Betty, who says the same thing just happened to her…

The next day at school, everyone is buzzing about the kissing bandit…

Then Midge gets kissed right there in school!

Archie and Reggie try to figure out the identity of the kisser and, for a moment there, it appears as though it might be JUGHEAD! However, things are thrown off when ARCHIE is kissed!

Reggie then tells everyone that Archie lied about being kissed to throw people off the scent of HIM being the kisser, so all the girls in the school essentially “present” themselves to Archie to try to see if he will kiss them. He eventually passes out from the attention and Betty comes to him…and kisses him!

Archie then reveals that this was all actually a trap for HER!

I love that the story has no real resolution. No, “Uhm, Betty, what the heck was that?” from her friends or anything. Too funny.

Thanks for the suggestion, Dan!

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