NO TIME TO DIE Star Lashana Lynch Says The Film Fixes The JAMES BOND Franchise’s Female Characters

The James Bond franchise has a problematic history with female characters, using them either as damsels in distress or as little more than someone for 007 to seduce. That has slowly started to change in recent years, and in Daniel Craig’s final film as the iconic spy, No Time to Die, it seems the portrayal of women will be handled in a way that’s more representative of today’s world. 

Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch is expected to play a lead role in this story, and talking to TechRadar, the actress explained that she put work into developing Nomi into a strong character. Luckily for her, the character on the page was well-written by a team who had similar goals to her.

“I think with women’s current agency, [it’s] the way in which they view themselves and the way in which they portray themselves as being – with the women that I’ve been in contact with – completely authentic and completely knowing that they’re enough,” Lynch says. “You see that oozing through the characters in this, both the female characters that have [already] existed within the franchise, and the brand new ones like myself.”

“You just have this whole sense of empowerment that is really important to feel when you’re going to work, but also important to show younger generations coming up.”

The future of the James Bond franchise is unlikely to be female as Tom Hardy is reportedly being lined up as the next 007. However, it does look like women will continue to be an important part of the stories that end up on screen, and not just femme fatales or sexualized love interests.

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