RUMOR MILL: UNCHARTED Star Mark Wahlberg May Have Met With Marvel Studios About A Future Role

In “Rumor Mill,” we share the hard to buy rumours that don’t come from reliable sources like the trades, but are still more believable (just) than what you might find on Reddit. 

Is another A-List star coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If a rumor shared by Full Circle Cinema is to be believed, the answer could very well be “yes.” While he’s busy shooting Uncharted for Sony Pictures alongside Tom Holland in Berlin, it’s said Mark Wahlberg has talked to Marvel Studios about a possible future project. 

These conversations took place several months ago, so it’s uncertain if they led to anything. 

It’s unlikely that Wahlberg is appearing in any of the 2021 Phase 4 releases, but he could have easily booked a part in a project like Thor: Love and Thunder or one of the Disney+ TV shows.

Wahlberg is no stranger to blockbuster fare, and as well as Uncharted, he’s been part of the Transformers franchise as well. The actor has comedic chops, so he would fit in nicely in the MCU. Having worked with Holland on Sony’s video game adaptation, it might be fun seeing him reunite with that actor for the next Spider-Man film. 

However, we’re not quite sure we can picture him as the MCU’s Kraven the Hunter! 

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