THE BATMAN Set Photos Show Robert Pattinson’s Stunt Double Taken Down By A Gang Of Creepy Criminals

THE BATMAN Set Photos Show Robert Pattinson's Stunt Double Taken Down By A Gang Of Creepy Criminals

The Batman is filming in London at the moment, and we now have set photos showing what is believed to be Robert Pattinson’s stunt double being mugged by a gang of crazy looking criminals. Check it out!

Thanks to Just Jared, we have some very intriguing new photos from the set of The Batman. The movie is currently shooting in London in a park that the site describes as “a recreation of New York City’s Central Park.” Something tells us this is a Gotham City location rather than the Big Apple, though! 

They also note that the jogger who is being mugged by that unique looking group of criminals is Robert Pattinson’s stunt double, so he’s either making a cameo appearance here or we can expect Bruce Wayne to be attacked at some point (perhaps he’s baiting them for some reason?). 

It’s thought that director Matt Reeves shared that costume test last night because Batman himself will soon be on set but given the Caped Crusader’s habit of only coming out in the dark, don’t be surprised if we don’t get to see those for a little while yet as it’s still daytime in the UK at the moment.

To check out the full gallery of photos, just follow the link in the Tweet below: 

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