THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Can Now Resume Shooting In The Czech Republic

The COVID-19 pandemic halted productions across the globe, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was among them. That’s put the Disney+ TV show’s August premiere in doubt, though star Anthony Mackie recently stated that there’s “very little stuff to do” in terms of finishing off the series. 

Now, though, there’s some good news as Variety is reporting that the head of the film commission of the Czech Republic, Pavlína Žipková, has submitted a letter to Hollywood studios to, “reassure them that the European Union ban on U.S. citizens will not apply to those working in the film and TV production sectors.” 

“In relation to the EU declaring a travel ban on the U.S., please let me assure you this is not valid for economic workers but tourism travellers only. Filmmakers of all nations are welcome in the Czech Republic,” it notes, leaving the door open to Marvel Studios being able to return there imminently.

The trade notes that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is actually set to resume filming in Prague in the “coming months,” so that lines up with what we’ve been hearing about plans for the series. 

Whether the show will meet that August debut is another matter, of course, especially as time is definitely running out to get those final scenes finished in time. It’s also unclear whether cast and crew members will be happy to return to work this soon, particularly in a foreign country like this one. 

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