THE FLASH: Which Of The Many Faces Of Wells Will Join Team Flash In Season Six?THE FLASH: Which Of The Many Faces Of Wells Will Join Team Flash In Season Six?

If you haven’t yet seen the Season Five finale of The Flash then you may want to shy away from this article, as it may contain mild spoilers regarding the events of the final episode.

For those of you still with us who did see the episode, it was revealed at the end of Season Five that Team Flash would no longer have Sherloque Wells (or Vibe) to round out their numbers, and while Tom Cavanaugh’s face may be plastered on Reverse Flash, that is in actuality Eobard Thawne – some fans’ favorite Wells.

We may not know who we are going to see help the team next, but we have seen some of the other faces of Wells that didn’t stick around for entire seasons. Thanks to the Council of Wells, there is a wealth to pull from. 

Danielle Panabaker, who plays both Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost (obviously) in the show shared her opinion on who her favorite Wells has been so far.

Have you seen the photo of Gandalf Wells? It’s really funny, [but my favorite] is Herr Wells, I think.

Meanwhile Carlos Valdez, who plays Cisco Ramon, agreed that Gandalf may be cool but had his own favorite ready.

I like Gandalf Wells, [but my favorite] was that weird Mad Max Wells.

Also, in a recent conversation, Showrunner Todd Helbing joked that they have to start coming up with new ideas for Wells characters towards the end of a season. 

That’s more Eric Wallace than myself. Eric and the writers and Tom — that question sort of rears its head right around episode 17, 18. So I know that those guys have had some conversations and what they’re talking about seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

In the last episode it did look as though Sherloque Wells may have gone to Steampunk Earth or Earth-17, which is not his home. Some are speculating that this means his time may not be over, or that Steampunk Wells will be the one joining the team. At the same rate, with Thawne on the loose, will the sixth season require yet another version of Wells?

What do you think? Should Tom Cavanaugh bring in a new character or should he focus on Eobard Thawne in the upcoming season? Let us know below!

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BARRY FACES OFF WITH REVERSE FLASH – Barry (Grant Gustin) faces off with his oldest, and most formidable nemesis, Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh). Gregory Smith directed the episode with story by Lauren Certo and teleplay by Todd Helbing & Eric Wallace (#522). Original airdate 5/14/2019.